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Tracking Jet Fuel Demand—From Bottom to Top

Measuring a sector resurgence

Orders for new jet airliners reached record highs at the June 2023 Paris Air Show with more than 1,300 orders from airlines around the world. Coming hard on the heels of the covid-related drop in air traffic that saw a 20% drop in commercial air traffic, the sector’s resurgence is expected to boost jet fuel needs as one of the main drivers of global crude oil demand. When added to global concern about monitoring and measuring carbon emissions, traders, asset managers and hedge funds need the best intelligence to react to market signals and analyze trends across multiple sectors including commercial air travel.

Leveraging accuracy and coverage

Kayrros Jet Fuel Demand builds a granular, accurate and timely picture of jet fuel demand from the bottom up, using aircraft transponder signals to analyze aircraft movements and capture flight details including aircraft type, flight time and distance, and performance metrics. These data provide accurate assessments of jet fuel consumption per flight, enabling informed decision-making for jet fuel traders. 

Jet Fuel Demand has been demonstrated to deliver high levels of accuracy with more than 99.7% agreement with benchmark EIA figures and more than 88% agreement with NBS data figures in China where official data vary. Recent intelligence shows that the resurgence in airline activity remains uneven. While European and American flights reach summer highs, Chinese oil consumption remains comparatively lower than anticipated with the country’s aviation industry still contributing to increasing jet fuel demand.

The benefits of near-realtime monitoring 

Kayrros Jet Fuel Demand can be applied to both local and global supply and demand analysis, serving as a reliable proxy for jet fuel demand. With Jet Fuel Demand, traders gain the ability to monitor global jet fuel consumption in near realtime. Kayrros data, updated daily, give users access to the latest trends and empower traders to optimize supply and demand balances, therefore augmenting their trading strategies based on global jet fuel consumption figures obtained ahead of official resources (IEA, EIA). 

Kayrros provides a complete dashboard on jet fuel demand at granular levels, updated daily. These updates can be provided through Rest or through Python APIs. In addition, Kayrros sends weekly reports on jet fuel data in a customizable excel file and provides a one-month forecast of jet fuel consumption in a weekly email format, with an overall accuracy of 92% compared to public data 


Kayrros Jet Fuel Demand provides precise, real-time data on the aviation industry’s rebound, enabling traders, asset managers, and hedge funds to make informed decisions. The tool’s accuracy and near-realtime monitoring optimize supply and demand balances, enhancing responses to market signals and global trends in commercial air travel.