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Carbon Watch - Maritime Emissions

Kayrros Carbon Watch now includes maritime emissions

With accuracy greater than 98%, and intelligence delivered ahead of official figures, Kayrros Carbon Watch provides accurate and timely measured data in the face of changing regulations on carbon emissions. 

Against the backdrop of the European Green Deal, the EU has enforced the regulation of maritime emissions as part of the “Fit for 55” legislative package. With this package, emissions from commercial ships will be regulated from January 2024 to cover all ships above 5000 tonnes that call at an EU port. To accommodate the new regulation, Carbon Watch now offers a maritime emissions add-on within the Kayrros Platform. 

Real-time maritime emissions monitoring – with Kayrros accuracy

Although maritime emissions will only be regulated from 2024, Kayrros has extracted history-match ship emissions data back to 2018 from the Thetis-MRV system. This system, implemented as the first step of regulation, is the foundation of the “Monitor, Report, Verify” approach to maritime emissions. This MRV data follows the reporting rules of the soon-enforced regulation, and our data has shown a match with official data with an accuracy exceeding 98%.

Carbon Watch Maritime Emissions is an extension to the current product’s functionality, resulting in added coverage and continued availability of all existing Carbon Watch features. 

The only source for real-time demand for EUAs

Kayrros Carbon Watch empowers users to navigate the complexities of new emissions regulation. With its newly added maritime emissions sector, the platform offers a comprehensive solution for tracking and analyzing all of the EU-regulated emissions, including shipping emissions.

Kayrros Carbon Watch continues to empower traders with the essential tools to make informed decisions and optimize their carbon credit trading strategies in the compliance carbon market. 

The benefits include:  

  • Make the right ETS allowances trades, by getting a live view of demand for credits months ahead of official data 
  • Save time by getting all of the physical EUA demand figures in one place 
  • Get unique macroeconomic insights from live emissions data 
  • Make better trading choices with real demand for carbon credits

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