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Leverage the advantage of actionable information to trade commodities and carbon allowances at the right price and the right time


Improve your trades with a vast array of unique, near-realtime, actionable data and help develop deep and liquid carbon markets  



Stockpiles Monitor

Bring transparency to the metals and minerals sector, with accurate stocks at any site


For Traders

On-Road Demand

Improve your trading strategies with an accurate and consistent estimation of fuel demand in the US and in the EU


For Traders

Jet Fuel Demand

Boost your refined product trading strategy with worldwide jet fuel demand analysis covering all civilian flights


For Traders

Battery Storage Construction Monitor

Improve your gas and power and/or equity trading strategy with near-realtime battery construction data.


For Traders

LNG Intelligence

Maximize trading efficiency with complete and timely views of global LNG supply


For Traders

Solar Construction Monitor

Forecast new supply, monitor project progress and improve hedging positions with a complete view of the solar energy market


For Traders

Crude Oil Intelligence

Optimize trading decisions with comprehensive, granular near-realtime crude oil inventory measurements


For Traders

E&P Intelligence

Improve capital allocation and boost portfolio returns with unique insights on US oilfield operations


For Operators

Carbon Watch

Make the best allowance trades with detailed and timely information on physical demand for EU and UK carbon credits


For ETS Traders

Industrial Energy Demand

Fill gaps in your global energy balances with near-realtime data on physical demand from energy-intensive industries


For Global Energy Traders



Leverage the Kayrros extensive asset measurement database to create your own proprietary AI models and data streams



Kayrros tracks the global supply chain of all major commodities: energy, metals, minerals and agriculture
Kayrros measures production volume, stocks, flows and consumption

Working together

Lean on our strong science & technology team to help you implement your solutions and answer to your inquiries.





Kayrros Webinar: Why the world needs independent monitoring of man-made methane emissions.

Why the world needs independent monitoring of man-made methane emissions – Kayrros Webinar

As part of Climate Week NYC, Kayrros is inviting you to a pivotal discussion on the crucial role of independent monitoring in the field
Jet Fuel Demand

Tracking Jet Fuel Demand—From Bottom to Top

Measuring a sector resurgence Orders for new jet airliners reached record highs at the June 2023 Paris Air Show with more than 1,300 orders
Wildfire Risk Model

A new generation wildfire risk model: From detection to action 

In the face of an unprecedented wildfire season, timely insights are more necessary than ever to accurately assess the risk posed by climate induced
Carbon Watch - Maritime Emissions

Kayrros Carbon Watch now includes maritime emissions

With accuracy greater than 98%, and intelligence delivered ahead of official figures, Kayrros Carbon Watch provides accurate and timely measured data in the face