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USD 2.5 trillion is invested every year in the energy system, of which more than USD 1 trillion is directed to clean energy. However, CO₂ and methane concentrations in the atmosphere keep increasing at an unabated rate.


It is now the time to measure the climate and financial efficiency of investment and operational decisions in the energy sector. Kayrros provides the independent, accurate and cost-efficient intelligence to inform decision makers.

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Crude Oil Intelligence

Optimize trading decisions with comprehensive, granular near-realtime crude oil inventory measurements


For Traders


E&P Intelligence

Improve capital allocation and boost portfolio returns with unique insights on US oilfield operations


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On-Road Demand 

Improve your trading strategies with an accurate and consistent estimation of fuel demand in the US and in the EU


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Jet Fuel Demand

Boost your refined product trading strategy with worldwide jet fuel demand analysis covering all civilian flights


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Battery Storage Construction Monitor

Improve your gas and power and/or equity trading strategy with near-realtime battery construction data.


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Stockpiles Monitor

Bring transparency to the metals and minerals sector, with accurate stocks at any site


For Traders

Site Construction Intelligence

Get the best view on any construction of large energy infrastructure to validate project plans, challenge contractors and partners and benchmark operations


For Operators

Renewable Energy Monitor

Optimize returns with thorough portfolio due diligence, developer benchmarking, and market monitoring


For Investors


Industrial Energy Demand

Fill gaps in your global energy balances with near-realtime data from energy-intensive industrial sectors


For Investors

LNG Intelligence

Maximize trading efficiency with complete and timely views of global LNG supply


For Traders

Solar Construction Monitor

Forecast new supply, monitor project progress and improve hedging positions with a complete view of the solar energy market


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Leverage the Kayrros extensive asset measurement database to create your own proprietary AI models and data streams



Kayrros tracks the full energy supply chain: wells, mines, cargoes, inventories, refineries, cars, planes, ships…

Kayrros measures production volumes, stocks, flows and consumptions of energy, clean or fossil


Working together

Lean on our strong science & technology team to help you implement your solutions and answer to your inquiries.

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Bureau Veritas, Kayrros and OPTEL join forces to help companies reduce supply chain-induced deforestation

Bureau Veritas, Kayrros and OPTEL join forces to help companies reduce supply chain-induced deforestation

Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification, Kayrros, a leading environmental intelligence services company, and OPTEL, one of the world’s leading
Facilities with smoke and gas emissions billowing from their smokestacks.

How To Reduce Methane Emissions Using Satellite Monitoring

Success in the struggle to address climate change and avert irreparable harm to people, ecosystems and livelihoods is taking targeted action. Bringing down methane

“Honey, I shrank Europe’s carbon footprint”

European carbon emissions have never been falling faster — at least not since Kayrros Carbon Watch stated tracking them in 2016. The power sector
Kayrros US Carbon Watch for CCA Traders

Kayrros US Carbon Watch Achieves 98% Accuracy

In the rapidly evolving world of carbon trading, having accurate, timely data is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. Kayrros is at the forefront
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