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The Hill October 15, 2020

Methane emissions up in 2020 amid turbulent year for oil and gas

Methane emissions have jumped so far this year even as oil and gas production has been hit hard by the coronavirus...Read more

Axios October 15, 2020

EU moves on methane as pollution evidence grows

The European Commission yesterday unveiled a wide-ranging strategy to cut methane pollution, noting it's "essential to reaching our 2030 climate targets and the 2050 climate neutrality...Read more

Reuters October 14, 2020

Energy sector’s methane leaks rise despite green plans: Kayrros

Satellite images show the number of large methane leaks from the oil and gas industry rose by nearly a third in the first eight months of this year to over...Read more

Les Echos October 14, 2020

Climat : méthane, l’autre gaz coupable en quatre questions

Qu'est-ce que le méthane ? Comment contribue-t-il au changement climatique, que faire pour le...Read more

Wall Street Journal October 5, 2020

U.S. Boosts Crude Sales to China, Forcing Saudis to Find Other Markets

Beijing’s trade deal with Trump is helping American oil replace Mideast...Read more