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The Financial Times July 28, 2020

Satellite technology employed to track huge methane plumes

Huge plumes of methane spewed from energy infrastructure and coal mines at least 790 times last year, according to satellite-based technology that for the first time allows the tracking of major leaks of the gas that...Read more

Reuters June 26, 2020

Satellites reveal major new gas industry methane leaks

Last fall, European Space Agency satellites detected huge plumes of the invisible planet-warming gas methane leaking from the Yamal pipeline that carries natural gas from Siberia to...Read more

The Wall Street Journal May 14, 2020

Oil Demand Mounts Comeback as Coronavirus Restrictions Ease

Some consumers are buying more gasoline as they shun mass transit and opt for the isolation of cars. Oil consumption is rising again in those parts of the world emerging from coronavirus lockdowns, helping to alleviate...Read more

Les Echos May 14, 2020

EXCLUSIF Coronavirus : l’industrie française perd du terrain

Depuis l'irruption de la pandémie en Europe, l'Hexagone a vu son industrie lourde réduire drastiquement son activité. Plus que ses grands concurrents européens. Seule l'Italie n'est pas dans une meilleure situation,...Read more

Bloomberg May 12, 2020

Oil’s Nightmare Scenario of Storage Exhaustion Starts to Fade

While the global oil market remains in a dire situation, it’s starting to look like the nightmare scenario envisioned for the past month might just be averted. The industry feared a flood of unwanted crude would...Read more