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World Economic Forum September 16, 2021

How companies can play both offense and defense in the carbon race

Business has a critical role to play in the race to...Read more


Bloomberg September 13, 2021

Methane plumes spotted near Central Asia pipelines

Several plumes of the natural gas were spotted by...Read more


Bloomberg August 27, 2021

Methane spotted leaking from South African greenhouse gas hotspot

Five leaks were spotted by satellite this...Read more


BBC August 6, 2021

The search for the world’s largest methane sources

Stemming the methane leaks from landfills, oil fields, natural gas pipelines and more is one of the most powerful levers we have to quickly slow global...Read more


Bloomberg August 2, 2021

Huge methane cloud spotted near pipeline that supplies gas to China

The emissions have the climate warming impact of 10,000 cars driving in the UK for one...Read more