Climate Risk and Resilience

Monitor wildfire lifecycle
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Wildfire Monitoring

One of the consequences of climate change is the increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events such as wildfires and floods. According to AccuWeather experts, the total cumulative economic loss for the 2021 wildfires in the US alone amounted to between $70 and $90 billion, more than half in California. Using state-of-the-artAI technology, the Kayrros Wildfire Risk Monitor optimizes risk modeling, detects wildfires at an early stage with near-realtime updates, and helps assess damage on vegetation and infrastructure. The Wildfire Risk Monitor brings risk analysis and mitigation to the next level through advanced risk profiling, live monitoring and damage assessment capabilities.


Monthly Refresh
Track latest trends on how the risk scores of your assets are evolving with time

Methodology Transparency
Understand risk scores better through a quantitative breakdown of contributing factors

Worldwide Scalability
Deploy risk models in geographies of choice

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