Natural Language Processing

Connect text-based information
with remote-sensing data on the
Kayrros Asset Observation Platform

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are published on the internet every day. Kayrros uses more than 100 sources of open web data from structured data to GIS files, as well as text and content from news channels and social media, to connect the most relevant textual content with remote-sensing measurements to extract meaningful insight.


Single Repository
The value of dispersed public data is collected, collated and delivered to you in one place

Global Access
A wide collection of public and commercial datasets helps calibrate your models


Up-to-date information is directly attributed to your asset or sector of interest


We leverage natural language processing with proprietary Kayrros expertise

to highlight only those events that impact your assets of interest. Kayrros algorithms are specifically trained to detect significant and relevant events of interest.

Using cutting-edge natural language processing models, Kayrros extracts information impacting customers’ assets of interest to add external context for better decision.


Source: Kayrros

What makes us different

Kayrros asset-centric logic quickly connects events to assets of interest.

This enables information to be attributed to selected locations or companies and alerts customers to potential market disruptions. The high level of precision in our news and social network filtering ensures that this information becomes a powerful and reliable source of market intelligence.

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