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Kayrros technologies

We leverage the full extent of European Space Agency Sentinel-1 data to provide accurate, regular and robust change detections at scale. Kayrros can tailor solutions to monitor the radar reflection signals of metallic objects even in cloudy weather conditions with revisit times of 3-12 days.


Operator: European Space Agency (ESA)
Number of Satellites: Two (S1A, S1B)
Sensor Type: Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
Revisit times:

Normal: Each satellite revisits the same location on its orbit every 12 days.
Tasked: If both satellites are tasked to acquire an image for a given location, the revisit time is reduced to 6 days.
Emergency: In emergency situations such as the Abqaiq incident in September 2019, the satellites can change orbits to reduce the revisit time to 3 days.

Coverage: Global, with exceptionally good coverage across Europe and lower coverage across some northern regions.
Resolution: 3x14m In IW mode (storage product mode), 3x3m in stripmap mode
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