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Detect US refinery outages,
track maintenance and
predict restarts

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Kayrros monitors operations

in all US refineries in near realtime down to the unit level. This gives an unprecedented view on the detection and tracking of outages and prediction of facility restarts.


Improve trading decisions by adjusting supply-demand assumptions using restart forecasts

Capture opportunities and optimize runs based on disruptions identified in your area

Make successful trading decisions on product cracks in the US by uncovering unreported refinery disruptions in near realtime

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Kayrros uses a unique combination of expert knowledge and advanced technology including geolocation data and natural language processing on social media. This enables precise mapping of processing units, near-realtime tracking of maintenance operations—both planned and unplanned, generation of shutdown alerts, and anticipation of plant restarts.

US Refinery, 160 kbpd capacity

Source: Kayrros