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The advantage of realtime

gas emission detection and measurement versus benchmark engineering estimates lies in their potential to disrupt company valuations across sectors of the economy. Many large emissions of methane—a potent greenhouse gas—go unreported. The value in their reduction is therefore material, and companies, investors and regulators all have roles to play.


Satellite sensors eliminate the risks of deploying people and equipment on site

License to Operate
Lower GHG emissions help attract talent and engage with communities and regulators

benefits decarbonize your portfolio

An independent source of GHG data is a better alternative to self-reporting

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The Kayrros Methane Watch uses data acquired by the Sentinel-5P satellite, which is part of the Copernicus network of satellites operated by the European Space Agency. Abnormal concentrations of methane are automatically detected by Kayrros proprietary algorithms, which apply meteorological models to determine source flow rate and location taking wind direction and other local factors into account. Methane hotspots are attributed to specific assets such as oil wells or gas compression stations. This is based on local information including flaring and venting data as well as the use of high-resolution images.

Sources: Kayrros analysis, contained modified Copernicus data



Automatic detection and quantification of large methane sources


Global Coverage

Onshore sources are revisited with frequency of 3-4 days on average depending on weather conditions


Variable Resolution

Spatial resolution of 5 x 7 km2, with the ability to task higher-resolution images as required

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