LNG Liquefaction Plant Monitor

LNG Liquefaction Plant Monitor

Kayrros combines satellite imagery, taken from satellites in multiple constellations, with machine-learning algorithms, to detect key events like thermal anomalies and flaring, to identify the status of each train at LNG plants across the world and alert subscribers of outages and restarts. In real time.

Traditional reporting of outages and restarts such as official reports, news agencies, on the ground reporting come with drawbacks such as time lags, issues with credibility or such wide dissemination that there is no competitive advantage. Using satellite technology accounts for these challenges.

Real time email alerts provide subscribers with first in the market intelligence, weekly summaries and historical data allow users to run historical analysis and verify intel against official reports ensuring you make decisions with confidence.

The LNG Liquefaction Plant Monitor provides the most real-time and comprehensive view on outages and restarts at LNG liquefaction plants worldwide



  • Receive email alerts about outages before public reports   
  • Leverage satellite imagery insights to verify news reports of LNG train activity
  • Follow the construction of future LNG projects
  • Perform accurate historical analyses with our worldwide train-by-train historical activity data 


  • Email alerts on worldwide LNG liquefaction plant outages and restarts at the train-by-train level
  • Weekly data on operational capacity changes by region, country and facility
  • Train-by-train historical and current activity data

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