LNG Liquefaction Plant Monitor

LNG Liquefaction Plant Monitoring

Kayrros has developed a unique platform to detect LNG plant disruptions in real time. Receive real time alerts on outages and restarts at the train by train level, with coverage spanning over 85 % of LNG plants around the world.

Key Benefits

  • Get alerted in real-time of outages and restarts train by train at LNG liquefaction plants with coverage of 85% of world installed capacity
  • Real-time event detection and a centralized portal displaying the full coverage of LNG supply and shipping flows
  • Buy and sell confidently with the best accuracy derived from four signals: satellite imagery, flaring activity, feedgas, and shipping flows
  • Take decisions with confidence: Kayrros detects 98 % of all liquefaction outages lasting for 5 days or more

Multi-Data Source Detection

Train-Level Satellite Imagery:  Satellite imagery catches outages down to the train level

Feedgas Nominations: The consolidation of daily feedgas nominations enables the detection of liquefaction outages in the United States and Eastern Australia

Daily Flaring Detection:  Daily flaring intensity analyses generate insights on past, current and impending changes in production levels

Monitoring Shipping Flows: Daily monitoring of idle or empty vessels surrounding LNG facilities generates clues on looming outages

Fusion for Accuracy and Timeliness 

Receive alerts within 1.5 days on average after an outage occurs, several days before the outage is reflected in shipping flows.

Kayrros detects 98% of all outages lasting for five or more days, with train level granularity, in near real-time.

Kayrros Rapid Response

In addition to near real-time alerts of trains changes in activity, when major incidents or disruptions occur such as the Rudong LNG pipeline incident, Kayrros is able to deliver ongoing insights and updates throughout the life of the disruption. 


Email alerts: Alerts on worldwide LNG liquefaction plant outages and restarts at the train by train level

Online Portal: Online platform consolidating all data on LNG supply 

Integrated API: API to easily integrate both real time and historical data into existing workflows