LNG Liquefaction Plant Monitor

LNG Liquefaction Plant Monitor

Traditional reporting of outages and restarts such as official reports, news alerts, or on-the-ground intel have their drawbacks: time lags, credibility issues or the lack of competitive advantage, for example. This lack of accurate and timely information on supply outages strongly impacts the activity of LNG traders and analysts. 

The power of new data technologies can address these challenges: the LNG Liquefaction Plant Monitor provides the most realtime and comprehensive view on LNG plant operations worldwide.



  • Be the first to receive alerts on outages and train restarts at the train-by-train level
  • Optimize trading decisions with new data derived from satellites, flaring intel, feedgas nominations and shipping flows
  • Save time and resources with a centralized platform for all LNG supply and shipping flow data
  • Reduce risks and act confidently, with 98% of all outages lasting for 5 days or more detected by Kayrros

Kayrros is fusing satellite imagery, flaring analyses, feedgas nominations and shipping data with machine-learning algorithms to deliver a realtime alert system on LNG trains worldwide

Kayrros has developed a unique platform that detects LNG plant disruptions in realtime, generating alerts on outages and restarts at the train-by-train level with coverage spanning over 85% of LNG plants around the world.


Gain insights on LNG intel before the market. Spot key indicators, such as thermal anomalies and flaring, to identify the status of each LNG train worldwide. Leverage weekly summaries and historical data to run historical analyses and verify intel against official reports, ensuring that decisions are made with confidence. 


  • Email alerts on worldwide LNG liquefaction plant outages and restarts at the train-by-train level
  • Online platform with a centralized database of LNG supply and shipping flows
  • API to easily integrate realtime and historical data into your workflow


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