HV Lines Monitoring

HV Lines Monitoring

High voltage power lines can be threatened by both vegetation and man-made objects. Trees and other vegetation, growing too close to lines can cause wildfires and blackouts, while cranes and other heavy industrial machinery can cause life threating electrocution hazards.

Kayrros uses multi-sensor satellite imagery and state-of-the-art AI to identify risks, across entire networks – providing real-time alerts that enable infrastructure managers to prevent and react to threats.

Main Features:

  • Detect vegetation and construction activity in the vicinity of your lines
  • Fully Automated Alert-based System
  • Scalable to full network


Vegetation detection

HV lines satellite monitoring

Kayrros solution enables utilities to monitor power grids at scale with satellite imagery, detecting potential threat zones for vegetation encroachment. Once a threat zone is identified, users have the possibility to order high-resolution 3D reconstructions of identified risk zones from stereo satellite images to evaluate the threat. When a threat is confirmed, the user is alerted and can deploy a maintenance crew


Groundwork detection

HV lines crane detetction

Metallic structures also pose a danger when close to powerlines, potentially triggering electrocution risks. Kayrros uses radar satellite imagery and AI to identify key risk structures such as cranes and heavy machinery – several times a week - enabling early warning of potential hazards and the deployment of emergency crews.

Kayrros HV Line Monitoring helps operators maintain uptime, ensure health & safety and manage costs effectively.  



  • Tailored dashboard that allows users to easily identify and validate potential threats
  • Easily connects with workforce allocation solutions

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