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Bloomberg June 16, 2021

Large Methane Leak Detected Over South Africa Coal Mining Region

The nation uses the dirtiest fossil fuel to generate more than 80% of its...Read more


International Energy Forum June 10, 2021

International Energy Forum Launches Methane Measurement Project to Address Climate Change

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – The International Energy Forum (IEF) has launched a new initiative to develop a measurement methodology for methane emissions from the energy industry, allowing its member countries to collect...Read more

TerraWatch June 7, 2021

Demystifying Earth Observation: The Multi-Billion Market* in Space Tech

...Read more

BFM Business May 31, 2021

Tech for Good Awards: La start-up Kayrros est spécialisée dans l’analyse avancée de données dans le domaine énergétique

Ce lundi 31 mai, Antoine Rostand, président de Kayrros, a abordé l'activité de sa start-up dansl'analyse avancée de données dans le domaine énergétique, dans Tech for Good Awards, dans l'émission Tech & Co...Read more


Bloomberg May 20, 2021

Large Methane Cloud Detected Over Prolific Canadian Gas Basin

Satellite data is being mined to hunt down hidden sources of pollution. Spotting methane plumes, a potent greenhouse gas, is at the top of the list for many...Read more