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Hart energy

Hart Energy March 18, 2021

‘Must-Have’ Technology for Oil and Gas Industry to Reduce Carbon Footprint

As the oil and gas industry is increasingly being held to account for its methane footprint, adopting the right technology to detect and stop methane emissions can help it turn this challenge into a golden...Read more


European Space Agency March 4, 2021

Monitoring methane emissions from gas pipelines

For the first time, scientists, using satellite data from the Copernicus Sentinel missions, are now able to detect individual methane plumes leaking from natural gas pipelines around the...Read more


Oil Price February 8, 2021

Is Clean Gas Worth The Premium?

When a company called Jonah Energy last year reported that it had become the first to be awarded a low-methane standard by the IES, it didn’t exactly steal the headlines. Yet the report was an early sign of a...Read more


BNN Bloomberg February 7, 2021

Canada has a major role to play in the future of oil: Former IEA chief analyst

Antoine Halff, former International Energy Agency chief analyst, says there is still a large appetite for heavy oil and predicts that Canada's oil sands will play a major role in the industry going forward should it...Read more


Pipeline Technology Journal January 21, 2021

The Sniffers and Kayrros Come Together To Compete In The Gas Leak Detection Market

The Sniffers, an international environmental and integrity service provider, has teamed up with Kayrros, a global carbon tracking company, to provide a methane monitoring solution for gas and energy companies around...Read more