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With traditional data sources

it can take weeks or even months to get a comprehensive view on crude oil production from countries with volatile supply and opaque data. Kayrros leverages satellite imagery to quantify disruptions to production in key OPEC countries, offering daily updates to provide a view on supply levels before data are available anywhere else.


Make well-informed trading decisions based on crude balances using the most realtime OPEC supply data

Act quickly by learning about outages and restarts at major oil fields before the rest of the market

Satellite data and proprietary processing deliver information in near realtime

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Use case

As the COVID-19 epidemic took an unprecedented toll on oil demand, the question was how fast supply would fall.

With Kayrros data, shut-ins in Iraq were visible in near realtime.

Source: Kayrros


Countries where satellite data can be reliably leveraged


Covers all production in monitored countries