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The oil and gas industry is a major source of methane emissions, but the lack of data has kept traders in the dark – until now. Kayrros Methane Watch is the world’s first monitoring platform that measures the emissions from the energy sector. It relies on satellite imagery and advanced algorithms to measure vented and fugitive emissions along the supply chain, bringing much needed transparency to the market.


Methane Watch is used by the International Energy Agency and other leading organisations

Monitoring satellites provide global coverage of onshore areas


Differentiate fuel suppliers according to their methane intensity and full lifecycle GHG footprint

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Methane Watch relies on the Copernicus network of satellites operated by the European Space Agency as well as other sources of multi and hyperspectral imagery. Proprietary algorithms detect abnormal concentrations of methane and model its behavior under local weather conditions in order to quantify the flow rate. These volumes can be aggregated in monthly reports and attributed to specific facilities with the use of high-resolution satellites. This top-down view from space can be complemented with ground-level measurements in order to provide a complete solution to monitor and mitigate emissions.

Source : Kayrros analysis


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