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For powerline or pipeline operators

the sudden emergence of temporary structures, vegetation growth and construction along the right of way pose both financial and safety threats. Monitoring from the ground or by aerial inspection offers only intermittent results. Kayrros has developed a multisource monitoring platform that provides better coverage using optical imagery and geolocation data.


Lower Risk
Make decisions with more accurate and near-realtime risk analysis to prevent accidents

Lower Cost
Undertake network integrity inspections at lower cost compared to drone or human inspection

Automated Monitoring
Automated and on-demand monitoring helps save time and resources while preventing risk

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Kayrros fuses optical satellite imagery and 3D mapping to monitor pipelines and powerlines in both open landscapes and dense forests, delivering an alert system triggered by vegetation growing in proximity to your infrastructure. Kayrros processes optical and SAR imagery with proprietary algorithms to detect and separate temporary structures from permanent infrastructure. Kayrros uses Planetscope data with machine learning algorithms to detect changes, which are classified as ground disturbance or heavy equipment.

Human activity index from geolocation data – Source: Kayrros analysis

Regular Reporting

Receive daily or weekly geolocated alerts on encroachment detections via email, text, or directly to your preferred monitoring system


Access the Kayrros Platform to view detections with the latest imagery and additional context

Easily Expandable

Add additional pipeline sections or services with an approach easily scalable to thousands of miles of infrastructure and capable of delivering reliable results on a regular schedule