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LNG market supply

LNG trade is growing fast amid heated competition for finite supplies but is often impacted by shipping delays, production outages and shut-ins. These disruptions can cause large-scale price swings but are generally reported with a lag, if at all. The Kayrros LNG Liquefaction Plant Monitor offers near-realtime alerts on startups, outages and restarts at LNG liquefaction plants worldwide, down to individual train level. The data also include daily flaring levels by facility, feedgas nominations and import/export shipping volumes.
Sources: Kayrros, Google Earth



See global LNG production outages and restarts before the rest of the market

Anticipate changes in LNG prices triggered by sudden shifts in available supply

LNG Liquefaction Plant Monitor

React quickly to outages affecting your LNG cargo supply chain. We use a combination of data sources to detect events occuring at the facility level: thermal signal, flaring intensity, feed gas nominations when available.