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Access to data

is key in finding the right information. The Kayrros Asset Observation Platform accesses our vast Data Reservoir filled with ready-to-use public, commercial and proprietary datasets. These are combined with custom-generated datasets to give deeper understanding from monitoring the activity of a single asset to getting a global view of an entire industry.


The unique Kayrros Asset Database maps more than 200,000 industry assets worldwide

Petabytes of analysis-ready satellite images and billions of new data points are added daily


Add your own datasets to the Platform from external sources or Kayrros Platform analyses

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Leverage the Kayrros Data Reservoir to solve asset observation use cases by combining our extensive range of analysis-ready data, from remote-sensing to natural language processing, with your own proprietary asset database.

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News & Social Media

Realtime alerts on targeted assets

Position Tracking

Multiple updates per day (AIS)

Satellite Imagery

All types of satellite imagery, anywhere

IoT & Ground Sensor Data

Public and proprietary multi-sensor data

Other Platform Features

Kayrros Studio
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Kayrros Production
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