Brings unparalleled contextual
information in the range of
data sources available

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High-Resolution Optical Data

bring unparalleled contextual information in the range of data sources available in Kayrros Studio. Typically acquired on demand—or “tasked”—the satellite sensors provide unique accuracy and 3D capability.


Operator: Planet
Number of Satellites: 15 Sensor
Sensor Type: Optical multi-spectral (Four Bands: R, G, B, NIR)
Revisit times: Up to 2x weekly
Additional information :

Satellites tasked according to Kayrros commands on specific location, frequency, and date range
Stereo acquisition for 3D reconstruction with multiple images of a single point a few seconds apart.

Coverage: Global Resolution: 65cm
Launch: 2014
Related Use Cases:

3D Reconstruction
2D Pile Surface Detection (coal stockpiles, compost, etc.)
Rapid Response Surveillance
Crude Oil Intelligence
Right of Way Monitoring
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Use case

Kayrros Rapid Response – Baton Rouge Refinery

A fire broke out at a Baton Rouge, LA (USA) refinery on February 11, 2020.

Kayrros processed SkySat data to identify 8 units under maintenance, reducing the plant’s operational output by 50%. An uptick in foot traffic at these units confirmed ongoing maintenance.


Sources: Kayrros powered by Planet

Satellite imagery

is much more than just pictures from space.

The Kayrros Asset Observation Platform enables industries to leverage satellite technologies across virtually all sensors available—including radar, hyperspectral, and 3D—to deliver actionable insights at scale.

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High frequency revisit, up to twice a day.