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Kayrros Methane Watch

allows national governments to compile inventories of greenhouse gas emissions to capture the contribution of methane more accurately than before. The Asset Observation Platform provides a detailed view of individual hotspots, characterized by their intensity and duration. The granularity of this view also makes it possible to understand the contribution of different industrial sectors such as energy, and to test current assumptions about methane intensity


Accurate assessments are critical to the development of domestic policy and to the submission of national inventories to the UNFCCC

Refine and/or discard desktop current engineering assumptions about methane sources and intensities

Individual emission measurements can be attributed to specific events, countries, or industries.

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Kayrros uses data from the Sentinel 5-P satellite, which is part of the Copernicus network operated by the European Space Agency. Abnormal concentrations of methane, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and other types of pollutants are detected automatically by proprietary Kayrros algorithms, which apply meteorological models in order to establish source flow rates and locations taking wind velocity and other local factors into account.

Source: Kayrros analysis


Distinguish methane emissions from large events for anthropogenic and natural sources

Global coverage

View data from onshore areas with weekly/monthly reporting and a full year of history