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Flood Monitoring

One of the consequences of climate change is the increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events such as wildfires and floods. According to the Swiss Re 2021 Institute’s report, more than 50 global flood events caused a total economic loss of US$82 billion in 2021. Every year, insured losses are growing by an average 5%-7% worldwide. To address this increasing threat, Kayrros has developed the first fully automated, satellite-based monitoring solution that offers high-resolution global coverage of flood events. The proprietary technology can be deployed in urban and rural areas under all weather conditions to monitor flood events in near real time. Kayrros detects water presence using satellite imagery and leverages 3D modeling to provide a water depth map for each event to enable accurate risk mapping and impact assessment. It also analyzes historical flood events to identify spatial and temporal flood patterns. The Kayrros flood monitoring solution has been confirmed against official records using ground data.


Radar satellite images are available worldwide in all weather conditions

Combined satellite imagery and 3D modeling offers more than 90% accuracy based on ground measurements

Kayrros leverages five years of historical images to identify spatial and temporal patterns

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