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Kayrros regularly organizes speaking events and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, both virtual and in-person. All events are indicated below.

All4Climate2021 – EDF

June 25


Join Kayrros Director of Natural Resources Christian Lelong for a discussion on the new geospatial tech being deployed to fight methane emissions from the oil and gas sector, and why it's so critical to reach climate change goals.

Paris Air Forum 2021

June 21


We're thrilled to have won the Paris Air Forum Space Trophy 2021. It's an honor to be recognized for contributing to a permanent environment of innovation and meaningful progress in the space sector, and we look forward to keep pushing the boundaries of geospatial data to change our world for the better.

Big Data Industry Summit Oil & Gas

June 9


Join Kayrros US President Malcolm Theobald on ‘The Digital Journey to Cleaner Energy’ panel on June 9 at 1 pm to learn how geospatial  technologies and proprietary AI can  be used to track, measure and attribute  emissions from space.