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Monitoring Greenhouse Gas Emissions

helps investors track the environmental performance of companies and use that knowledge to shrink the carbon footprint of their portfolio. At a time when demand for green investments is growing, products such as the Kayrros Methane Watch provide greater visibility and coverage on greenhouse gas emissions than ever before.


Rely on real-world measurements rather than desktop estimates and indices

Demonstrate your ESG credentials and embrace cutting-edge technology

benefits decarbonize your portfolio

Be a catalyst for more ambitious climate action in your portfolio of companies

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Kayrros Methane Watch uses data from the European Space Agency Setinel-5P satellite in the Copernicus network. Abnormal concentrations of methane are automatically detected by Kayrros proprietary algorithms, which apply meteorological models in order to determine source flow rates and locations taking wind direction and other local factors into account. Methane hotspots can be attributed to specific assets, such as oil wells or gas compressor stations, based on local information including flaring and venting data and the use of high-resolution images where needed.

Sources: Kayrros Analysis


Monthly Reporting 

Methane and nitrogen dioxide emissions from large events are aggregated by supply chain and/or by company


Global Coverage

Onshore sources are revisited at a frequency of 3-4 days on average depending on weather conditions



Data are accessed and analyzed on the Kayrros Platform with automated workflows and data feeds

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