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Satellite Data Show Sharp Increase in Radiant Heat Surrounding Telegraph Fire

Arizona’s raging Telegraph fire, the sixth-largest in the state’s history at the latest count, has defied expectations. The fire seemed to be dying down

Europe Steel Mill Recovery Runs out of Steam

Executive Summary After a roller-coaster year in steel production amid Covid-19 shutdowns, the recovery in European steel mill utilization rates has stalled. Kayrros measures

France’s Landes de Gascogne Forest Has a 3D Geospatial Twin Guardian

Imagine being able to take a stereoscopic image from space of anything on Earth, and then use this image to build a 3D digital

Cement Production in Europe: 2020 Review

In March 2020, when COVID-19 induced its first lockdowns across Europe’s leading economies, shutdowns swept through commercial and industrial sectors leaving few unscathed. On-the-ground