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Carbon Watch

The ability to track and measure carbon dioxide emissions with accuracy and in a timely fashion is widely understood to be an absolute precondition of any effective carbon abatement policy. It is also essential to support liquid and efficient carbon markets. Until now, though, estimates of carbon emissions were at best extremely lagged and delivered with low frequency, and at worst just more or less educated guesses. Kayrros Carbon Watch is a cutting-edge data analytics solution that tracks CO2 emissions in near realtime. Carbon Watch leverages innovative technologies to deliver a comprehensive daily assessment of carbon dioxide emissions broken down by country and market sector, including power generation, heavy industry and aviation. Keep your finger on the pulse of carbon market fundamentals with live demand for carbon credits to feed carbon balance analyses and track macroeconomic trends in near-realtime. Spot any unexpected deviations in the rate of carbon emissions as an indicator of changes in the price of carbon credits. Discover live trends in CO2 emissions by sector and sub-sector, such as cement, steel production, coal and others.


Data are delivered on a daily or weekly basis, with a maximum lag of three days—a first in emissions data reporting and enabling better EU allowance trades.

Annual Carbon Watch data are accurate to within 98% of verified emissions reported annually by the European Environmental Agency.


Kayrros emissions monitoring covers the world daily, delivering all EU Allowances physical demand figures in one place and making it easy to see the complete picture

The data are delivered on a daily or weekly basis, with a maximum lag of three days – a first in the emissions data reporting.