Kayrros detected one restart and two outages in the week ended June 21

US facilities are operating at the lowest utilization rates since January at 58%

LNG exports

Figure 1. US LNG exports (‘000 m3/day) (Source: Kayrros)

  • The Kayrros Liquefaction Plant Monitor measured exports decreased by 25,000 cm/d to hit 121,000 cm/d last week.
  • Out of the six export terminals, only three ports exported cargoes last week: Port Arthur (Sabine Pass), Chesapeake Bay (Cove Point), and Calcasieu Lake (Cameron LNG).
  • The number of offline train days in Cameron, Corpus Christi, and Sabine Pass has already exceeded May values.
  • Feedgas nominations to all US liquefaction plants hit record-lows last week at an average of 3.6 Bcf/d. In the first four months of the year, feedgas deliveries averaged 8 Bcf/d.

Outages in other major exporting countries

North West Shelf Train 2 was detected back online on June 18.

  • The train had been offline since May 29.
  • This outage is part of planned maintenance at the Karratha gas plant, feeding the facility.
  • Maintenance dates from the operator (Woodside) were scheduled between May 20 and June 10.
  • All trains were detected online as of June 18.
  • Exports from Dampier port remained stable week-on-week at 120,000 cm/d.

A high flaring event was recorded at ADGAS on June 17.

  • All trains have been online since April 7. Train 3 underwent an outage between March 2 and April 6.
  • The probability of a train outage happening in a one-day window at the facility is 32%.

Train 3 at Oman LNG was detected offline on June 21.

  • Train 1 at the facility is offline for the second consecutive week.

Train 2 at Sakhalin was detected offline on June 21.

  • The outage is part of planned summer maintenance.
  • While both trains were initially scheduled to go under maintenance, Train 1 at Sakhalin was still seen as operational on a satellite acquisition from June 21.