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Anticipate the shape and
timing of economic recovery
following major global events

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sometimes the past is not a useful guide

and events such as the COVID-19 pandemic are far from business as usual. The past no longer guides predictions of when and how countries and industries will recover. Investors must contend with time-lags in statistics and concerns on survey data. Kayrros helps investors with real-world measurements of changes in economic activity.


Superior market intelligence helps navigate current market volatility

Get a head-start of up to six weeks on the release of official statistics


Focus only on the sectors and regions relevant to your asset class and investment portfolio

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Kayrros aggregates data from a wide range of sources to create a detailed view of the market. Geolocation data are used to monitor deviations from normal patterns of employee activity. Satellite imagery from optical, thermal and radar sensing is used for a range of applications such as tracking steel production rates, detecting changes in inventory at car manufacturing plants or monitoring stockpiles of raw commodities.

Source: Kayrros


Activity Monitoring 

Activity levels at industrial facilities are monitored with a range of sensors



Customised indices can be created and updated daily



Data are accessed and analyzed on the Kayrros Platform with automated workflows and data feeds

Source: Kayrros, GeoBasis-DE/BKG


The production
of steel is very energy-intensive, and the released heat can be monitored from space

With the right algorithms
and a proper understanding of each steel plant, the heat signal can be translated into an activity index

Taking the capacity
of individual mills into account, it is possible to create an historical and near real-time steel production indicator across countries and regions

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