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Kayrros is the leading advanced data analytics company that helps traders, investors, operators and governments make better decisions. Kayrros extracts value from the integration of alternative and market data into unique product offerings.

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Kayrros is the leading global asset observation platform built on fundamental science, strong R&D and leading technology. Harnessing satellite imagery, geolocation data, textual information and multiple sources of unconventional data with machine learning, natural language processing and advanced mathematics, Kayrros monitors and measures energy, natural resource and industrial activity worldwide.

Kayrros teams combine more than 150 years experience in satellite imagery processing, computer vision and machine learning applied to images.

Kayrros has unparalleled expertise in processing massive, anonymized geolocation datasets to track operations across industrial assets.

Kayrros connects newsfeeds, social media and web datasets with remote-sensing data on a unique asset observation platform.

The Kayrros Asset Observation Platform tracks any physical asset in the world by combining data fusion with cutting-edge asset observation technologies.