3D reconstruction

Accurate, scalable
3D volume measurements
from satellite imagery

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KAYRROS proprietary technology

Kayrros has developed proprietary technology based on photogrammetry techniques to obtain accurate, scalable 3D volume measurements from high-resolution satellite imagery. This affordable and reliable technology is already used across industries for topographic and inspection applications.


Operator: Planet
Number of Satellites: 18
Sensor Type: Optical multi-spectral (Four Bands: R, G, B, NIR)
Revisit times: Up to 2x daily
Additional information :

Satellites tasked according to Kayrros commands on specific location, frequency, and date range
Stereo acquisition for 3D reconstruction with multiple images of a single point a few seconds apart

Coverage: Global
Resolution: 72cm
Launch: 2014
Related Use Cases:

Inventory Intelligence Read more
Metals and Minerals Stockpile Monitoring
Waste Management Operations
Right of Way Monitoring
Other Satellite constellations available on request

Use case

3D Mine Monitoring 

Mine operators can take more-informed decisions and save both time and resources by using automated, satellite-data-derived solutions for even the most remote sites.

Constant monitoring simplifies planning by leveraging the most up-to-date models.​

Source: Kayrros

Satellite imagery

is much more than just pictures from space.

The Kayrros Asset Observation Platform enables industries to leverage satellite technologies across virtually all sensors available—including radar, hyperspectral, and 3D—to deliver actionable insights at scale.

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Accuracy comparable to drones with less than a 1,2% difference in volume measurement



Easy deployment to hundreds of sites globally with consistent methodology



Typically 10 times less expensive than drone monitoring

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