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We use technology to create information that allows you to reduce your risk and make better decisions. Our work brings greater transparency to markets that have traditionally been opaque.

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We are first and foremost energy experts. A genuine sector expertise ensures we focus on the data that is useful and eliminate what is just noise. We transform information into insight for our customers.

Weekly Insight: Abqaiq: Trust, but verify

Few topics are more market sensitive than the health of the Saudi oil industry since the attacks that took down half the Kingdom’s production on Saturday, September 14. Soothing news from Oil Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman and Aramco officials helped calm the market on September 17. But given Riyadh’s stake in the matter, can their statements be taken at face value? New data technologies that promote market transparency provide facts and context around their remarks.


Our solutions

Our products help players in the energy and commodities trading sectors make better investment decisions. The data and insights we provide enable commodity players, equity investors and private equity firms to add alternative data sources and machine-learning perspectives to their analysis.


The time is now

New technologies are creating an exponential growth in data, and more of this data is being made publicly available than ever before. At Kayrros we understand this ongoing change. We know how to use a growing range of analysis tools, such as machine learning, to turn the growing volumes of data into precise insights. An opportunity now exists that never existed before: an opportunity that Kayrros is perfectly placed to help you deliver.