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Bloomberg November 18, 2021

Powerful Cloud of Greenhouse Gas Spotted Near Russian Pipeline

Methane plume is worst detected in Russia in nearly a month attributed to oil and gas sector in European Space Agency satellite data analyzed by...Read more


The Washington Post November 9, 2021

How satellites could help hold countries to emissions promises made at COP26 summit

GLASGOW, Scotland — On a recent day inside the sprawling conference center where United Nations climate talks are taking place, a small crowd gathered to hear a panel with an intriguing title: “The Space Race to...Read more


LCI November 8, 2021

Méthane : comment réduire les émissions de ce gaz qui réchauffe la planète ?

DÉFI ÉCOLOGIQUE - Émis majoritairement par le bétail et les énergies fossiles, c’est l’un des gaz à effet de serre qui réchauffent le plus rapidement l’atmosphère. Plusieurs solutions existent pour suivre...Read more

Reuters November 3, 2021

Over 100 global leaders pledge to end deforestation by 2030

GLASGOW, Nov 2 (Reuters) - More than 100 global leaders have pledged to halt and reverse deforestation and land degradation by the end of the decade, underpinned by $19 billion in public and private funds to invest in...Read more

France TV November 3, 2021

Édition du mercredi 3 novembre 2021

...Read more