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The Financial Times July 6, 2021

Australian coal region emits 1.6m tonnes of methane a year, study finds

Satellite data show release of gas from Bowen Basin is equivalent to pollution effect of 30m combustion engine...Read more

Bloomberg June 18, 2021

Huge Methane Leak Spotted by Satellite Came From Gazprom Pipeline

The Russian energy giant was also responsible for four other recent releases of the superpotent greenhouse...Read more

Bloomberg June 16, 2021

Large Methane Leak Detected Over South Africa Coal Mining Region

The nation uses the dirtiest fossil fuel to generate more than 80% of its...Read more


International Energy Forum June 10, 2021

International Energy Forum Launches Methane Measurement Project to Address Climate Change

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – The International Energy Forum (IEF) has launched a new initiative to develop a measurement methodology for methane emissions from the energy industry, allowing its member countries to collect...Read more

TerraWatch June 7, 2021

Demystifying Earth Observation: The Multi-Billion Market* in Space Tech

...Read more