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LSE Business Review January 8, 2020

Artificial intelligence in Europe: do not miss the boat again

AI technology makes it possible to collate vast amounts of information and derive insights from where it would otherwise be impossible. Promising innovators: Adverity, Kayrros, Synerise, Foxintelligence,...Read more

Kayrros Surveillance Technology Reveals Dramatic and Unexpected Annual Increase in Large Methane Leaks

European Space Agency December 15, 2020

Mapping high-resolution methane emissions from space

Scientists have used satellite data from the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission, combined with the Sentinel-5P satellite, to detect individual methane emissions from...Read more


The Financial Times November 30, 2020

US oil recovery at mercy of Opec

Sector awaits cartel’s crucial decision this week on whether to stick to supply...Read more


Forbes November 5, 2020

Qui Sont Les Prochains Champions De La Tech Française ?

Quel impact la covid a-t-elle eu sur les levées de fonds en 2020 ? Limité, selon le dernier baromètre Top Tech Tomorrow de KPMG France qui révèle la liste des champions de la Tech...Read more

Ces start-up qui exploitent les images satellites

Bloomberg November 5, 2020

Cleaning Up LNG Becomes EU Target in Blow to U.S. Shippers

The European Union is looking at ways to put pressure on global exporters of liquefied natural gas to reduce their greenhouse gas footprint, part of the continent’s effort to slash fossil-fuel...Read more