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Procurement managers

secure lower prices with clearer visibility on suppliers, just as better end-user intelligence helps sales managers maximize revenue. Timely and accurate information on inventories and activity levels is crucial in planning ahead. The Kayrros Platfom focuses on the supply chains and regions most relevant to your business to give you a competitive edge.


Focus on the sectors and geographies relevant to your business

Analyze the negotiating position of your counterparts

Anticipate changes in market fundamentals ahead of time

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Kayrros aggregates data from a wide range of sources to create a detailed view of the market. Geolocation data are used to monitor deviations from normal patterns of employee activity, while satellite optical, thermal or radar imagery is used for a range of applications such as tracking steel production rates, detecting inventory changes at car manufacturing plants, or monitoring stockpiles of raw commodities.

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Activity Monitoring

Monitor industrial plant activity with multiple sensors