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Kayrros emission tracking

can help regulators set baselines for GHG emissions, measure the impact of environmental regulations, and implement new policies such as a carbon border tax. Products such as Kayrros Methane Watch provide greater visibility and coverage than existing sources, which often rely on desktop estimates rather than hard data.


Supplement or replace self-reported disclosure with independent and attributable measurements

Gain visibility on emissions that occur outside national boundaries


Replace desktop estimates of methane intensity with actual data

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Kayrros uses data from the Sentinel 5-P satellite, which is part of the Copernicus network operated by the European Space Agency. Abnormal concentrations of methane, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and other types of pollutants are detected automatically by proprietary Kayrros algorithms, which apply meteorological models in order to establish source flow rates and locations taking wind velocity and other local factors into account.

Source: Kayrros analysis


Global Coverage 

Onshore data from areas that account for the majority of oil and gas production



Measure methane emissions from large events, aggregated by supply chain, region and/or country


Regular Reporting

Weekly or monthly reporting by asset, company, industry, or country

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