Refinery Intelligence

Refinery Intelligence

Refinery Intelligence is powered from orbit and designed to help traders and marketers anticipate and evaluate physical disruptions in a timely, informed manner and ultimately, anticipate the market. 

Multiple alternative data sources

By fusing multiple sources of data and decrypting the temporal and spatial operational patterns on refinery grounds, Kayrros detects disruptions in realtime, identifies impacted refining units and predicts the end of maintenance operations.

Tank level inventory measurements

Refinery Intelligence also incorporates tank-level inventory measurements from synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite imagery to complement market analysis with a deeper insight into market fundamentals.


Comprised of over 80 data scientists and expertise from former refinery managers and commodity traders, Kayrros has a concrete understanding of refinery operations and deep expertise in refining noisy, voluminous data into valuable and actionable intelligence.

Realtime intelligence on refinery operations is key in anticipating supply and demand distortions ahead of the market. Kayrros Refinery Intelligence is designed to offer granular insights and predictive capabilities on operations in US refineries.


  • Obtain near realtime intelligence on all US refineries 
  • Precise refinery restart forecasts to adjust exposure in realtime
  • Verify whether planned maintenance operations are following schedule
  • Assess the magnitude of unplanned incidents and identify the impacted units
  • Anticipate potential distortions in fundamental balances in case of unplanned events or deviations from planned schedules
  • Track expansion or construction status and assess the potential impact on market fundamentals


  • Interactive, analytical dashboard to access near realtime indicators on operations in all US refineries down to the unit
  • Daily emails highlighting which refineries are undergoing significant operational changes due to restarts or outages
  • API to download refinery intelligence, activity metrics and stock measurements

Users include

  • Crude oil & refined products trading and marketing teams
  • Refineries
  • Hedge funds
  • Banks