Refinery Intelligence

Where refineries operations are a blind spot of market analysis, the data revolution holds the potential to introduce a new era of transparency to refinery operations. The complexity of refineries makes it difficult to take one signal as a definitive sign of an outage or a disruption. 

Kayrros is fusing together multiple alternative data sources to provide predictive analytics on refinery operations.


  • Receive daily updates with intel on primary and secondary refinery units. Stay informed on all maintenance operations and restarts in near-realtime.

  • Benefit from data-driven restart forecasts with a 20-30 day outlook. Adjust fundamental assumptions and trades accordingly
  • Capture unreported refinery disruptions. Track all refineries in near-realtime with reliable and consistent indicators and detect delays anticipated restarts

Multiple data sources

Kayrros proprietary technology fuses data from multiple sources including:

  • satellite imagery 
  • geolocation data 
  • social media (natural language processing) 

and processes the data through machine learning algorithms to extract dynamic realtime insights on unit level.

Realtime, empirical data

Kayrros tracks ground activity in all US refineries in a consistent way, delivering expert-designed metrics to track staffing levels in near real-time.

As illustrated by this US Refinery case (2019), these metrics:

  • reflect the onset and progress of maintenance operations and the significance thereof;
  • help identify delays in restarts weeks in advance;
  • constitute an objective source of information against misled reports.


Email alerts: Daily emails highlighting which refineries are undergoing significant operational changes due to restarts or outages

Online Portal: Interactive, analytical dashboard to access near realtime indicators on operations in all US refineries down to the unit

Integrated API: API to download refinery intelligence, activity metrics and stock measurements