Methane Tracker

Smart monitoring for a greener planet

It's now possible to measure methane emissions on a global scale. Kayrros has developed a powerful technology to detect large onshore sources of methane emissions in realtime, providing measurements of the flows and volumes emitted and alerting operators to take immediate action on leaks or other incidents. 

Valuation: Investors are increasingly focused on the environmental performance of the companies in their portfolios. Companies that proactively measure, mitigate and disclose methane emissions are likely to be rewarded with a deeper investor base, a lower capital cost and a higher share price.

License to Operate: Producers who are in the bottom deciles of the industry’s methane intensity curve are more likely to attract and retain talent, and better placed to engage with local communities and regulators.

Credibility: Self-certification is likely to be met with a certain amount of skepticism. Instead, producers can benefit from the credibility associated with an independent third party to verify emissions from operated, non-operated and export assets.

Procurement: Utilities that seek to reduce their Scope 3 emissions can assess the methane intensity of their fuel suppliers and encourage them to lower their emissions, for instance by applying a price discount to upstream emissions, and/or migrate to cleaner fuel providers.

Differentiation: The use of cutting edge technology to facilitate the energy transition can help utilities stand out in the market and provide differentiated products and services to their consumers.

Verification: The Methane Tracker provides investors with independent verification of a company’s GHG footprint and facilitates engagement on a mitigation strategy in collaboration with the management team.

Screening: Investors need better data to assess the environmental performance of companies. The Methane Tracker makes it possible to measure the methane intensity of energy producers and consumers for screening purposes.

Reporting: Clients are asking for low-carbon investments. The Methane Tracker provides hard data that can be used to determine the GHG footprint of a portfolio by aggregating across Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in the relevant companies.

The Methane Tracker uses newly released data from the ESA’s Sentinel 5P satellite, and will also leverage satellites due to enter service in 2020-22 that will increase the coverage and sensitivity of the platform. The Methane Tracker can also integrate proprietary data sources from ground and drone sensors. 


Data: Visualize methane plumes associated with operated, non-operated and third party assets; get time-series on methane emission flow rates and potential sources; create custom reports aggregated by supply chain, company or region.

Operational Support: Guide repair crews in the field until the exact source has been located and eliminated.