Metals and Minerals

Significant lags and a lack of information in the global metals & minerals market impacts the strategy of key players such as producers, trading houses, investment companies and logistics firms. Kayrros has a strong track record of building dedicated monitoring solutions for complex markets using proprietary technology to track the production, storage, transportation and consumption of metals & minerals by monitoring mines and industrial assets.


  • Realtime monitoring and customized alerts to spot opportunities in the metals & minerals market
  • Significant time & resources saved compared to drone & human based measurements
  • Comprehensive & continuous monitoring of the metals & minerals market from extraction to consumption
  • Take optimized decisions thanks to exclusive information derived from proprietary technology

Monitoring supply in realtime

  • Inventory levels: Measure open-air stockpiles to track trends & volumes with proprietary 3D reconstruction
  • Capacity changes: Track equipment on the ground and detect excavation expansions & new construction
  • Outages & disruptions: Receive alerts on outages & maintenance generated by proprietary technology and get intel on restarts and producti on ramp-ups in near-realtime

Monitoring the global demand

  • Activity monitoring: Confirm the operational status of all assets along the processing value chain
  • Capacity changes: Detect heavy maintenance with Kayrros data fusion technology and follow up of construction and expansion activity
  • Personalized Insights: Get the ground truth on each industrial asset, regularly and ahead of management reports and anticipate metals & minerals demand and flows on a granular level, observing the assets of your choice



Inventory Data: Up-to-daily updates on open-air stockpile volumes of all assets selected, to track stored amounts and track market equilibrium levels and on 3D stockpile volume measurements for transparency on available volumes and the market equilibrium

Extraction Intelligence: Continuous stream of notifications and alerts on capacity changes and outages on all selected facilities to anticipate market disruptions

Processing Intelligence: Continuous feed of notifications and alerts on activity, capacity changes and outages on all selected facilities to anticipate market disruptions