E&P Operations Intelligence

E&P Operations Intelligence

While production modelling traditionally relies on rig counts, data scientists at Kayrros are using alternative technologies to bring new, transparent  intelligence on US tight oil operations.

Kayrros uses a combination of optical and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery tracking to identify rigs and frac crews across US tight oil basins. The combination of imagery, analyzed with machine learning algorithms, enables analysts to access information at the well level such as completion dates, lateral lengths, uncompleted well inventories, operators and service contractors, with almost no lag.

Source: Digital Globe, Kayrros

Unlike conventional oil, drilling is not always an immediate prelude to production in shale oil but must be followed by hydraulic fracturing for oil to flow.  It may take months or even years after drilling a well before it is fracked, making it unreliable to use rig counts to determine production. In addition, existing public data is released at the discretion of operators, which is often subject to lags, errors and selective reporting.

E&P Operations Intelligence produces high-frequency data before companies report them, changing the landscape of US production intelligence.


  • Build more accurate production models by eliminating assumptions around frac spread availability, time from spud to completion, building of DUC inventory
  • Track companies' operational performance and assess if they are achieving guidance in between reporting and prior to quarterly earnings.
  • Identify movements in completion count and frac crew trends
  • Combine optical and radar satellite technology for the most accurate and timely detection results



  • Granular well-by-well data showing the exact location, completion date, operator, available via: Excel data file, interactive dashboard, API access
  • Quarterly summary and reconciliation with companies reporting, sent via email


  • Excel data file based on specific client requirements 

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