E&P Operations Intelligence

Kayrros leverages satellite imagery and algorithms to monitor the life-cycle of wells from spud to completion, eliminating reliance on public reports. E&P Intelligence offers the most comprehensive, accurate, granular and near-realtime data on US E&P operations, ahead of the industry.


  • Make informed investment decisions using E&P operations metrics, derived from ground truth data and ahead of public reports
  • Keep track of the competition with a complete, accurate picture of competitor activity in near-realtime 
  • Access comprehensive, centralized and standardized databases on E&P operations through interactive visualization platforms and an API

Satellite technology

Kayrros uses optical and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery, combined with machine-learning algorithms, to automatically identify rigs and frac crews at scale across more than 90,000 wells in near-realtime.

By monitoring the entire life-cycles of wells, Kayrros infers operational metrics like the number of completions, the number of active frac fleets and the time from spud to completion.

Benchmark operational performance

Kayrros provides data on the time between the end of drilling and beginning of completions, including fracking and DUC status updates, to accurately benchmark operational performance in the Permian, ahead of the public reports. 


  • Operational Data: Granular well-by-well data revealing exact locations, completion dates and operators via Excel, an interactive dashboard or API
  • Regular Analysis: Quarterly summary and comparison against company reports via email