Energy Demand

Time lags and a lack of available data on the global energy market have a strong effect on the activity and strategy of key players such as producers, commodity traders, financial companies and logistics firms. Kayrros is the leader in building proprietary monitoring solutions using satellite imagery to monitor power plant demand in near-realtime around the world.


  • Take optimal decisions with exclusive information derived from cutting-edge, proprietary technology
  • Realtime monitoring of the energy market from export to consumption

  • Pinpoint optimal trading opportunities with a full-picture view of market operations

Monitoring energy demand

  • Consumption rates: Industrial unit status monitoring via change-detection algorithms and satellite imagery
  •  Capacity Changes: Heavy maintenance detection with Kayrros data fusion technology, updates on construction and activity levels and multi-commodity monitoring: Cement Plant (image 1), Heating Plant (image 2), Gas Plant  image 3) 
  •  Personalized Insights: Get realtime intelligence on targeted industrial assets ahead of management reports and predict demand and flows on a granular level


Email Alerts: Alerts for uptime/outages, flows and maintenance activity

Online Platform: Online platform consolidating all data on energy supply and demand in key hubs

Integrated API: API to easily integrate both realtime and historical data into existing workflows