Crude Oil Intelligence

Crude Oil Intelligence (COI) leverages satellite imagery to shed light on previously-opaque data, allowing traders to analyze the crude mass balance in near real-time. Kayrros findings are measured, not modeled. Offering the largest observed coverage of crude oil inventories worldwide, COI brings an unprecedented level of reliability, transparency and granularity to monitoring and analyses.


Realtime updates and alerts on any unusual movements, emerging trends or structural changes before the EIA, IEA and JODI

  • Kayrros extracts unparalleled insights from proprietary data to support and optimise decision making
  • Better trading decisions with highly-reliable, pre‑processed satellite imagery, AIS signals and state-of-the‑art machine learning algorithms
  • Customise your dashboard and integrate APIs to visualise and download selected data with a pre‑written wrapper 


SAR satellite technology

Kayrros leverages Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology to ensure reliable and accurate measurements, and identifies the individual signatures of floating roof tanks through satellite imagery.

Cushing measurements have demonstrated an accuracy level of 98.1% in 2019.

COI by the numbers

  • A comprehensive ~95% of crude oil stored in floating roof tanks worldwide, equivalent to 4 billion barrels in ~10,000 tanks
  • Crude oil volumes at more than 500 terminals
  • 2,500 vessels in 8 regions for floating storage data, and 160 OPEC oil fields


Kayrros Rapid Response

When disruptive events happen, such as the attacks on Abqaiq or the Keystone pipeline leak, Kayrros is able to deploy daily, near-real time updates.

With access to multiple data sources, including NLP and satellite imagery, and a team of analysts, clients get updates before reports or news ensuring they are first in the know.  


Email alerts: Translating complex data into accessible information.

Online Portal: Visualise the data through pre‑defined and customisable Tableau dashboards and Excel

Integrated APIs