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The Kayrros Asset Observation Platform

maps assets of interest including power plants, cement plants, and steel mills around the world. The Platform database contains hundreds of thousands of mapped assets, the activity levels of which can be monitored with the most relevant information sources and processing technologies from a wide catalog of satellite imagery. Kayrros tools aggregate individual asset signals at the level of a country or a region to deliver a near-realtime view of energy demand unlike anything previously available.


Get near-realtime information on worldwide energy demand and reduce risk using reliable, measured data

Reduce risk when accessing energy markets in regions with little to no data available

Make better decisions for your energy trading portfolio in the least transparent regions using aggregated asset-level data

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Use case

Assessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on electricity generation in India, accurately and in near real-time, might seem lan impossible task yet the Kayrros Platform makes this possible. Recently, results showed that coal-fired power generation fell by more than 40% at the peak of the pandemic in the country. Power plants in India ramp down following the implementation of the national lockdown

 Source: Kayrros Portal

Asset Database

Available data on more than 200,000 assets worldwide can be aggregated to provide region or country level insights