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LNG market supply

is growing fast but is often impacted by delays, outages and shut-ins. The Kayrros LNG Liquefaction Plant Monitor offers near-realtime alerts on startups, outages and restarts at LNG liquefaction plants worldwide down to individual train level. The Monitor uses satellite imagery to deliver precise and reliable information.
Sources: Kayrros, Google Earth



See global LNG production outages and restarts before the rest of the market

Anticipate changes in LNG prices triggered by sudden shifts in available supply

LNG Liquefaction Plant Monitor

React quickly to outages affecting your LNG cargo supply chain

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Kayrros users were alerted about a restart on North West Shelf Trains 1 & 4 two days earlier than other market sources

Sources: Thomson Reuters, Kayrros analysis


North West Shelf Trains 1 and 4 Back Online

Latest Kayrros satellite surveillance sees the following changes in liquefaction facilities :

Trains 1 and 4 at North West Shelf are back online as of 2019-03-16 02:32 (UTC). The two trails were previously detected offline on 2019-03-11.
Commissioning on Train 1 at Cameron LNG is still on-going. The train showed the first signs of activity over the past 10 days before going offline on 2019-03-15.

USE CASE — WINTER 2020-2021

During the 2020-2021 winter, LNG prices reached record high levels above 30 $/mmbtu in Asia. A wave of unplanned outages at LNG plants across the world, beginning in the US followed by Algeria, Malaysia, and Qatar, marked the start of a perfect storm for the supercooled gas, which was later fueled by cold weather and strong demand across Asia, LNG prices first rallied at the end of October, and then again early in December as issues piled up on the supply side of the LNG market.
These outages were detected by Kayrros across all facilities and ahead of other market sources to enable subscribers to be on the right side of the ra