Jet Fuel Demand Tracker and Forecast

bottom-up tracking of
jet fuel consumption

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Kayrros leverages

aircraft transponder data to build an accurate, realtime, bottom-up view of jet fuel consumption. Factoring in each individual flight, the data are highly granular, enabling the analysis of consumption at individual airports or by airline or cargo operator. Coverage is available globally and data are updated daily. Monthly consumption forecasts combine extensive coverage and low update latency to provide a comprehensive consumption outlook at global, regional and country levels.


Get the market’s first bottom-up model, constructed by tracking individual aircraft to yield the most accurate view of jet fuel consumption.

Track consumption down to individual airports or aircraft operators to support physical or equity trading.

Receive US and European data ahead of benchmark statistics and expect the same high-quality Kayrros data for regions without reliable benchmarks.

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Use case

Understand the pace of jet fuel consumption recovery

in realtime to anticipate regional changes in demand.

Kayrros provides an unparalleled view into consumption trends that can be used to make better-informed trading decisions with the most accurate, timely and granular data available on the market.

Sources: Kayrros analysis



of 1100+ airports



Analysis of 100+ million miles of aircraft movements per day



99.7% correlation with EIA US monthly jet fuel product supplied*

* Pearson correlation from Jan’19 to Sep’20


Kayrros uses aircraft movement data collected from transponders to assess the distance and time flown for each flight. Coupled with information on the type of aircraft and its performance data, an accurate view can be made of