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Kayrros is a pioneer

in the use of SAR data for commercial use with a full range of technologies using high-resolution radar data. Kayrros partners with most high-resolution SAR operators to provide a virtual constellation of satellites, enabling the highest frequency and greatest flexibility of acquisition. This complex but powerful source of information is now available across industries for reliable and accurate measurements.


Operator: e-Geos (private Italian company)
Number of Satellites: Four
Sensor Type: Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
Revisit times: Daily
Coverage: Global Resolution: 3m in StripMap, 1m in Spotlight

Related Use Cases:

Crude Oil Storage Monitoring
Flood Monitoring
Ship and Port Monitoring
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Use case

High Frequency Oil Storage Measurements

COSMO-SkyMed high-resolution SAR data enable Kayrros customers to obtain real time measurements several times a week

The advantage of this gives lead indicators on at least one key energy statistical publication.

Source: COSMO-SkyMed imagery over the Oil Storage Hub of Cushing, OK (USA).

Satellite imagery

is much more than just pictures from space.

The Kayrros Asset Observation Platform enables industries to leverage satellite technologies across virtually all sensors available—including radar, hyperspectral, and 3D—to deliver actionable insights at scale.

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High-Resolution SAR data are reliable in all weather conditions—day and night


The data provide unparalleled accuracy for structural measurements


The Kayrros partner network delivers remarkable flexibility in acquisition timing and frequency

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