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adds valuable information to asset observation by reflecting patterns of presence and movement of people and equipment. Kayrros collects anonymized signals worldwide from connected devices, maritime vessels and connected vehicles in near realtime before analyzing and fusing them with other data from satellite imagery and natural language processing.


Kayrros processes geolocation data in full compliance with GDPR regulations

Global Coverage
Access billions of pings from mobile devices worldwide

View frequent position data (AIS) from thousands of vessels


Track comprehensive vehicle data across the US and Europe

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The uses of geolocation data are many. Mobile devices help detect whether an industrial facility is under maintenance, or when it might restart. They can also determine consumption patterns for fast-moving consumer goods or quantify the workforce and its make-up on a given worksite. Similarly, maritime AIS signals can identify risks of port congestion, detect variations in vessel speeds that might change fuel consumption, or observe changes in route by ships of interest. Last, signals from connected cars help establish realtime trends in fuel demand, detect regional variation in travel patterns, and measure the market penetration of electric vehicles.

Kayrros Value Proposition

Kayrros leverages geolocation as a valuable source of economic intelligence and has developed strong expertise in extracting the most value from these datasets. 

By combining expert knowledge with advanced analytical capabilities and automated processes, Kayrros targets the right areas to track on any particular supply chain; builds the right indicators to track supply, demand, and consumption; and scales models to specific country or global levels in record time.


At Kayrros, we are very conscious of the quality of our input data to ensure the highest quality of service and compliance with regulations.
Kayrros is headquartered in the European Union and is careful to ensure that the company meets the GDPR standards on geolocation data. We require our partners to guarantee explicit user consent, abide by opt-out procedures, and provide us only with the minimal information required for our use cases related to economic activity, such as coordinates and timestamps associated with an anonymized device identifier. Kayrros can then make geolocation inputs available while protecting individual rights and without using or providing personally identifiable information.


Aggregating foot traffic across individual industrial assets to track shocks or disruptions

In this example, geolocation data are leveraged to track shutdowns or restarts of aerospace factories in near realtime.

Foot traffic in US aerospace factories dropped steadily in March 2020 >


Source: Kayrros