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Biomass Watch

Nature-Based Solutions are critical to the Paris Agreement goals, but only if market participants can trust the measurement of biomass and carbon stocks in the world’s forests. Kayrros Biomass Watch is an innovative approach that combines different types of satellite imagery and artificial intelligence in order to determine the amount of carbon offsets that can be issued every year from a given area. The commercial launch of Biomass Watch is planned for mid-2021.


Cover all regions of the world, no matter how remote, from small plots to entire regions

Use of satellite imagery provides an audit trail and increases trust in the marketplace


Operating cost of monitoring carbon stocks well under 1 USD per hectare, per year

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The different data sources used include high-resolution optical imagery for the 3D reconstruction of forest canopies. This is complemented with algorithms to detect individual trees, and imagery to measure vegetation density under the canopy. The result is a rich data set that also provides information on the biodiversity of the forest and the risks from land use changes


Project Developers

Replace traditional methods that are labor-intensive and prone to significant uncertainty.


Public Sector & NGOs

Build national carbon inventories and monitor leakage, biodiversity and land use change.

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