The Kayrros difference

A partner for today and the future

Our customers get a research partner that has both genuine sector expertise and real ability in data science and machine learning. The combination of these attributes is unusual enough. Add in the fact that we are free of legacy systems and attitudes, and you start to see the Kayrros difference.

In addition, Kayrros could only exist now. It is only now that there is so much relevant data available to benefit our customers. And it is only now that the technology exists to transform this sea of information into focused insight. And it is only now that a team, which blends sector expertise at the very highest level, with genuine technological ability, could exist. Kayrros keeps its customers at the forefront of the data revolution.

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A smart approach to data

Other things contribute to the Kayrros difference. Critically, we give you the right level of data. In the information world, more is not always better. More can be just noise. But because we have worked client-side, we truly understand the level of data you need to make better decisions.

In addition, much of our data today comes from machine learning. This is important. Machines are not influenced by sentiment. You get the plain facts, not just what you were expecting to hear.

Of course, machines only take you so far. They create the unprejudiced information. But it is our team of industry experts who join up the different data points to make sense of the facts and tell a story which is meaningful for our customers. And our computer scientists work alongside them to ensure that as we learn from what the machines have to tell us, we keep evolving their algorithms to keep our modelling as powerful as possible.

Agile with technology

We harness data gathered from a variety of technology sources such as satellites, GPS, social media and mobile networks. Deliberately, we don’t own these resources, but gain access to them as we need. It means we can partner with leading providers across a spectrum of technologies and harness their innovations quickly.

Using technology in this way provides our clients with a unique competitive advantage, delivering the optimum level of relevant information in real time.

Depth and experience in our team

As highlighted in the Who we are section, at Kayrros we have a peerless team. Many are ‘millennials’: digital natives who are skilled in the latest thinking in data science and computing. They work side by side with a group of sector specialists who have built up their experience over the course of many decades.

Some of our people are among the very best known in the industry. It means we understand what you need to deliver your goals effectively.

Delivering real value

To do what Kayrros does today would, until only recently, have required a network of hundreds of analysts, a massive investment in infrastructure and a team of observers spread across the globe. Today, for a fraction of that effort, we can deliver better insights more rapidly than such old-school operations ever dreamed of.